Go canoeing or kayaking across lakes and rivers or even in the sea, and discover the natural riches (fauna and flora) of the Landes South Coast. Practical, accessible and fun on still water, canoes allow you to spend some quality time together, in a privileged and exceptional environment (Soustons river, Adour...).

Paddle Center Vieux boucau

Open from 01/07 to 31/08/2023

Canoë Land

Open from 01/05 to 31/10/2023

Canoë Land

Naéco Pirogue Hawaïenne

Open from 15/04 to 31/10/2023

2X Aventures

Open from 02/05 to 01/10/2023

2X Aventures

Evad’Sport Kayak

Open from 08/04 to 31/10/2023

Les Pieds dans l’O

Open from 16/06 to 16/09/2023

Les Pieds dans l’O

Hossegor Lake Paddle

Open from 15/04 to 15/10/2023

Base nautique La Marquèze

Open from 01/06 to 30/09/2023

Club de Voile Soustons Marensin

Open from 22/03 to 18/11/2023

Azur Nautique Voile

Open from 01/07 to 15/09/2023

Base nautique : Paddle et canoë

Open from 01/04 to 20/10/2023

Au Pont Neuf