Staring at the panaramic view of the Atlantic Ocean, walking the endless beaches of fine sand, visiting the rustic towns and villages and embrassing the outdoor way of life… In the south cost of Landes you will discover more than just perfect vacations you will be offered a deeper, timeless experience recharging your batteries.


Raw preserved nature, when stepping foot on this peace of cost it will take your breath away !

A vast forest, a great number of lakes and ponds, sunset over the dunes. Plenty of beautiful scenaries to please the eye. Simple but Essential.


Landing on Landes’ south cost, one has to take the tough decision of choosing where to settle between the mains resorts.

Labenne at the frontier of the basque country, Capbreton and its famous port (the one and only of the region), Hossegor and its finest surfing talents, Seignosse between ocean and forest, Vieux- Boucau the heart of activities, Messanges under the pines, Moliets et Maâ and its hidden tresors, Soustons the authentic by nature.


With arguably the best waves of Europe, Landes’ south cost is famous worldwide amougs surfers and ocean lovers. Hossegor, Capbreton, Seignosse, Moliets… as many places coveted by those who pratice the waves.

Begginers do not worry, the beaches and waves of Landes’ south cost are perfect for you too ! The larges beaches, the foam of broken waves as well as the amazing surf teachers will allow you to progress safelly. Relax, enjoy and surf !

And for a complete immersion inside the surf world, you can spend your stay in one of our surf houses, each one of then is surf friendly and offers their very own cool original visual features.


The ocean’s air brings the energie to you. The fieldplay is limitless. You are the one setting the rythm.

Feat in the water looking at the sky, on a board or in a hamac, alone or with loved ones : you will find your own formula for happiness.

Simple but priceless : bicking everywhere

Les Landes is a flat region and its wild, what better conditions to bike everywhere ? In les landes one has more chance to run into a dune or a tree than to see a car crossing its way. Les landes is simply a paradise for bikes.

Leave your watch, forget about beeing on time, forget about time. You’ll get there, when you’ll get there and it is perfect this way. So choose a bike to move around, you’ll arrive safely while evoying the landscape, its noises and scents. Simple but priceless.

Capbreton : a seaport in les landes

Unique on Landes’ coast, the Capbreton seaport is the one and only port of the entire region. And if there is a port, there are boats : one can see many different kinds in Capbreton, from to more traditionals ones to the newest generation of boats.

• Part of those boats belongs to the 19 fishermen who bring fresh fish everyday to the traditional fishmarket of Capbreton and to the many local restaurants.
• When weather and tides get along well, one can see the leasures baots go up and down the coast : it sure gives them another point of vue to admire the wide beaches of les landes

No boats ?

If you feel better with your feat on the ground, enjoy the quays shores walking, ridind your bike or on a segway. And if you hear the call from the ocean return the call to one of our selection of professionals to navigate the sea. Sailing or one motor boats it will be a memorable adventure.

Find heaven on earth

The perfect little neast for your vacations, pick one that looks just like you ! Whatever you may see when you close you eyes picturing it : ocean, country, cosy, classy or even funky : we swear it exists !

  • A large villa to welcome the entire family, to host friends and friends of friends ? With a private room for each and everyone, the swimming pool will be the only thing you’ll have to share with your loved ones, that and a great time !
  • A Neat loft with inpacable taste in decoration, a heathly and delicious breakfast ? All will be served with a plonging view on the ocean !
  • A secret cabine hidden in the forest of les landes to desconnect ? Do not worry, you’ll be in the wild but there is internet connexion ( so you can post and make everyone jealous )
  • A cabine in a surfhouse with a daily routine of surf, yoga, stand up paddle and of course some relaxing times in a hamac under the pines.
  • A room in a hostel « new generation » next to the beach and the bars ? Come and enjoy the atmophere of summer nights between concerts and sunsets !