Imagine a single beach stretching more than 30 km along the Atlantic, majestic and powerful rollers crashing onto its fine sand. Imagine an immense surface area covered by one of the largest maritime pine forests in Europe. Imagine a region interspersed with calm and shady lakes, whose inhabitants go with the flow of the elements… Welcome to the Landes South Coast, a region full of life and resources.


Dotted along this coast you will find stylish and lively resorts: Moliets-et-Maa and its golf course, Messanges and its lakes, Vieux-Boucau, the marine lake in Port d’Albret and Soustons, Seignosse and its beaches, Hossegor and its elegance, Capbreton, the only port on the Landes coast, and Labenne at the gates of the Basque Country.

Inland, you will find somewhat more secluded towns and villages, hidden away in generous terroirs, home to all the gastronomic riches of South West France: Azur and its “airials” (ancient communal green spaces), Magescq in the heart of the forest, Tosse and its Norman church, Saint-Geours-de-Maremne at the crossroads leading to Bordeaux, Biarritz and Dax, Saubion and its St Roch fountain, Angresse and its back roads, Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse and its ferias, Bénesse-Maremne and Orx, rubbing shoulders with a beautiful nature reserve, Saubrigues and its hiking trails…

The Adour, the energetic Gascon river, with its healing silt and mud, brings a bucolic touch to this generous land, its gentle valleys paving the way to the nearby Pyrenees: Saubusse and its baths, Josse and its towpaths, Saint-Jean-de-Marsacq and Saint-Martin-de-Hinx on the Camino de Santiago and Sainte-Marie-de-Gosse and its marshes…

This vast region has many activities on offer!

Surf the Atlantic coast’s best spots, bask in the sun on an endless beach, breeze across a calm lake aboard a sailing boat or dinghy.

Stroll through the forest along marked paths, ride along the coast or towpaths on dedicated cycle lanes, practice your favourite sport, golfing, in a protected natural environment.

Try delicious duck, foie gras, asparagus and magret at a local plentiful market or with a renowned chef, or take a break from it all in a high-quality spa. Finally, party on at the “feria” to the sound of the “bandas” …

Not far from Bordeaux or Toulouse, and very close to Biarritz and Spain, the Landes Atlantique Sud region invites you to make the most of every one of these special moments. Smile to life!

the Smile to life spirit

Smile to life is so much more than a promise, it’s the state of mind we share here, in the Landes Atlantique Sud.

Smile to life, is the freedom to lay down your towel wherever you want on the beach, to stroll through the forest, away from it all, to sail across a lake in near silence, to follow safe paths and cycle lanes wherever they may take you, as and when you want

Smile to life, is the generosity of the Landes people, in true Gascon style. Cheerful, bons vivants and welcoming, they know how to create an unbeatable atmosphere. It is also a rich terroir, in which every meal is a moment of pure delight.

Smile to life, is… life! A huge energy that emerges from the powerful ocean, the laughter on the beach, the party when the sun goes down. That of a huge area offering so many outdoor activities, with something for everyone.

Smile to life,is adding a touch of ease to your day-to-day life. That ease which allows you to enjoy every moment as it comes, and as you wish. For example, casual, trendy or smart, the only dress code expected is that which makes you feel at ease, comfortable in your own skin, as they say!

Smile to life, is an affinity. Whether or not you are local, we will be delighted to share our values and the art of living we are so proud of.

Smile to life, is, above all, optimism. That of a land resolutely turned towards the future, conscious of its environment, where everyone’s joie de vivre and well-being are prioritised over everything else.