Labenne-Océan is a family-friendly seaside resort located between nature and the ocean, near the Basque Country.


Whether you take the discovery circuit by yourself or accompanied by a naturalist guide, you will find there is plenty to learn about the incredible past of these marshes. It speaks, and even tells stories, for those who know how to listen. To get a better view, you can gain a little altitude and become a sentry for a day, from the top of a watchtower 7 or 10 m from the ground.

You’ve got to be in tune with nature if you want to observe, exchange and share this unforgettable adventure and discover the hundreds of inhabitants of this wetland area. Younger visitors will love it !


The cycle path weaves its way between dunes and the forest as it follows the path of the Boudigau canal along the Landes shoreline. This path is open to pedestrians and cyclists. Exploring it on skates, by electric scooter or by gyropod is even more fun !

Within easy pedalling distance, the Zoo, the water park, the adventure trail and the skate park are all locations offering plenty of fun.

Voie verte à Labenne


If you take the only road or the cycle path that leads to the beach, you will arrive at the esplanade overlooking the ocean. At this teeming hotspot of life, with its bars, events and sunset concerts, you can enjoy an ice cream in the afternoon or have a drink as the sun goes down, while your children play in complete safety in the fully equipped play area.


When you go past the dune, you will see the beach stretch out for 3 km in front of you. Take a stroll by the water’s edge and enjoy the incredible view: the bay of the Basque Coast, the neighbouring Pyrenees to the South, and the dunes and the port of Capbreton to the North. Unwind on the sand, go for a dip, try surfing or paddleboarding… the choice is yours!