Soustons keeps its traditions and its exceptional surroundings alive all year round.


This town, nicknamed the “Green Isle”, has 5 lakes, each of which has its own unique scenery that is a source of wonder and delight. Rowing and sailing are only two of a wide range of activities available at the site, ranging from fishing to stand-up paddleboarding. Soustons is in the heart of the Landes pine forests, in a nest of greenery that conceals a vast network of cycle paths and green lanes. Multiple kilometres of footpaths await any keen hikers.


At only a few metres from the Atlantic and the Gulf of Pinsolle, the marine lake’s expanses of sandy beach are perfect for a swim out of the reach of the waves and under a refreshing pine forest…the dream location for enjoying a dip with your little angels. The ocean just around the corner is the essential spot for surfing while surrounded by unspoiled nature. The beach itself is perfectly preserved and is visually stunning.


The town wears its party hat on a very regular basis. The Tulip Festival, the neighbourhood festivals and the Soustons Festivals pull in the feria partygoers from spring to autumn.

Courses landaises with cows, novilladas, stilt-walker shows and Basque pelota tournaments take place in quick succession, to the delight of visitors. These major events reach their apex in the summer, when the daily routine stops for several days and gives way to excess : it is the season of the ferias, which go on until very late at night… Absolutely unmissable !


The generous nature of the South-West of France, and of Landes in particular, is also expressed in the region’s cuisine. Soustons has numerous traditional restaurants and tasting farms where you can sample the famous delicacies of the Landes region to your heart’s content : foie gras, confits, garbure stew, tourtière apple tart or (less well-known but impressive nonetheless) kiwis and peanuts.

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