There are a range of activities specially designed to let children have a good laugh with their friends and explore as many new sensations as they can handle.

As we all know, children need to be kept very busy when they’re on holiday. We have devised a special selection of “just for kidsactivities.

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Animals have an almost magical appeal for children. To wow your youngest, take them to the zoo, the farm and the aquarium. Your children will be amazed as they see the animals and the big fish for real. “What sound does the sheep make?” “It goes ‘baaaaaaa’, mum, ‘baaaaaaa’! “

There is also a leisure park with inflatables for younger children so that they can run and jump around safely.


Hobbies can start during a holiday; go on one pony ride, and when you get back, you could be standing outside a riding school before you know it.

There is nothing like seeing their smiles when they go on a fairground ride and play at the beach club.

Your kids might impress you with their smarts as they figure their way through a puzzle hunt or an orienteering course.

Budding sailors can pilot their own electric boat. “Prepare to board, dad!” and fans of motor vehicles can take to the race track for the first time.

As far as “parks” are concerned, children of this age are spoiled for choice: water parks, adventure parks, theme parks, treetop adventure parks, etc.



A pedalo trip and a go on the waterslides (no less) will turn an afternoon into an unforgettable holiday memory. One game of mini-golf later and your youngest will already want to tee off like a pro.

Spend a day at an adventure, water or treetop adventure park and team spirit will keep you on your toes, so you can help each other complete the final challenge before taking a well-earned rest in the wave pool.

Young adventurers can go on an incredible Tèrra Aventura treasure hunt in the company of Zabdo, our local “Poï’z”!

To round off the experience, take part in a scooter race during the famous village festivals, and the close ties you’ve made with a local boy or girl will make sure you come back to Gascony for your next holiday!


Teenagers have not been forgotten either: escape games, karting and quad racing will satisfy their search for excitement. Why not get lost in a corn maze at nightfall – an original experience guaranteed to send shivers down your spine!

By the ocean, the thrills of the first waves and the encounters with other budding surfers will no doubt remain in their thoughts for a long time to come!

Having fun on a board is not confined to the beach, since the numerous skate parks and pump tracks in the area will be a hit with boardsports aficionados!