Gastronomy takes pride of place in the art of living on the Landes South Coast. You can’t escape it, the area is bursting with high-quality produce !

From fisherman to gourmand

Pick up the catch of the day at Capbreton’s fish market : depending on the season, you will find sea bass, meagre, red mullet, sole, mackerel, monk fish… without forgetting the famous “chipiron” or squid. Nearby rivers provide salmon, shad and lamprey whilst the region’s lakes are teeming with zander, eel and trout.
19 bateaux de pêche approvisionnent tous les jours, lorsque les conditions météorologiques le permettent, les stands du marché aux poissons.

colorful products

Just as delicious are the white “sand” asparagus, the colour of which heralds their tenderness and freshness. Somewhat more surprising, the vitamin-packed Adour kiwi is fragrant and certified Red Label, and the local “vin de sable” (sand wine) ripens gently on the sunny white sand dunes.

Pays de l’Adour représentent aujourd’hui le plus grand terroir kiwicole de France

Respected traditions

However, the absolute must-try is undeniably the fattened goose or duck, reared on corn in accordance with ancestral methods. It is no coincidence that the famous Labeyrie brand is based in Saint-Geours-de-Maremne !

Le foie gras sous toutes ses formes

Some products famous

As proof of their quality, many of these products today share a label, “Qualité Landes” (Landes Quality), which certifies the freshness of these local staples and guarantees an array of unrivalled flavours.

From meeting to tasting

All these delicious foods abound on local market stalls and can be tasted on site when visiting certain producers. Wherever you go, you will always receive a warm and friendly welcome, in true Gascon spirit!

Bon appétit