Enjoy almost private beaches : where to put your towel will become overwalming because of too many choices. The sweet temperatures of the air and the water is the receipe for a great day at the beach.

A few minutes from the basque country and from Spain, quite close to Bordeaux, Landes’ south cost and its resorts present solid arguments to convice you to come 😉

The widest beach in europe

Here social distancy is quite naturel, almost imposed by the setting. The beach is unique and endeless, connecting all the differents resorts : Labenne, Capbreton, Hossegor, Seignosse, Soustons, Vieux-Boucau, Messanges, Moliets. One single lay of sand, one single dune protecting the cost and for you a spacious area to relax during your vacation.

The sand between your toes

The sand is quite special as you will notice ! In the Landes’south cost it is fine, white, light and warm… No rocks here, only a soft matris adapting to all desires : laying, walking, building sand castle, and playing beach volley.

surfing vibes and flowing sensations

One doesn’t get the title of surf kinfdom for no reason ! Here surfing is more than a sport it is a way of life. Checking the weather, hurrying to the beach and jumping on the board during lunch time… Yes for the locals surf is everywhere, all the time. Good new : everyone is invited to join !

First steps on a board

To the pros who cannot miss an opportunity to come and ride the Landes’ south cost’s waves : you know the way. Your broad is on the roof of your car, your bagpack is next to you, your mates are already here. The notorious ones, La Graviere, la Nord, la Piste… are waiting for you.

To the begginers, the futur pros, the ones ready to go in : you are more than welcome. As we told you the beaches are limitless, and the surf teachers are ready for new apprentices (remember : there is no age limits to accomplish the things you can accomplish on your broad).

After the surf session, time to rest

Cosy, trendy, relaxing… in the spirit of pure surf we invit you to swing by our surf houses to enjoy the full surf experience.

Beaches atmophere : my restaurant on the dune

To experience fully the Landes’ south cost, beach-restaurants are places you cannot miss while staying here. Beachfood, tapas or smothies are on the menu.

Advice : enjoy listenning to live music while sipping on your drink. Relax and wait for the king of the show : the sunset over the ocean !