And… relax

The region’s abundant nature provides the perfect setting for you to relax and recharge. In near silence, discover or rediscover the pleasure of strolling, running or cycling along shaded paths, or that of sailing across a lake, away from it all.


The wind whispering through the pine trees, the birds chirping in the forest, the ducks’ wings rustling by the lake, the water gently lapping against a dinghy on the Adour and the distant rumble of the ocean… In this sun-soaked land, all is calm and zen !

Close your eyes

The sand, the sea water, the sound of the waves and the sun are all beneficial, not only for the body, but also for the soul and spirit. On the beach, become one with the elements: fill your lungs with invigorating sea air, walk barefoot on the wet sand, meditate at the top of a sand dune facing the ocean… unless you spontaneously decide to attend a yoga class? Ideal to relax and rebuild your self-esteem.

For your wellness

Indulge in some “you time” in the charming resort of Saubusse, in the bucolic setting of the Adour. Enjoy a Landes massage, one of the spa’s signature treatments, combining the benefits of a steam room, a corn and thermal water scrub and an excellent massage.

Just enjoy…

Make the most of these special moments, in which you take the time to look after yourself. Elegant spas offer saunas, steam rooms, body massages, face care, etc. in a high-quality environment.

Breathe, relax, you’re on the Landes South Coast.