The South-East Atlantic coast of Landes is an open-air playground ideal for letting go

It is a veritable paradise for lovers of nature and wide open spaces. An opportunity for everyone to get a real breath of fresh air and unwind for real!


  • Open your eyes wide and admire the endless expanse of blue, green and gold.
  • Fill your lungs with the intoxicating scent of ocean foam, flowered fields and pine forests…
  • Give in to relaxation and idleness…
  • And do whatever you feel like…


It is so much fun to swim in the refreshing ocean, to lounge around or play on a beach that stretches as far as the eye can see, to pick up your board and head for the waves, or simply to fish quietly while waiting for a tug on your line…soustons-peche

It is such a joy to take a flat-bottomed boat out on a tranquil lake, to let the wind catch the sails of your windsurfing board or sailing boat or to ride the currents on your stand-up paddleboard, surrounded by lush vegetation…

It is so relaxing to explore the forest on foot, by bicycle, on roller-blades or on horseback, and to indulge in your favourite sport – jogging – in a peaceful, serene environment.Moliets, promeneurs forêt

It is such a thrill to tee off on a golf course by the sea or, for something more astonishing, to witness migratory birds take to the air in a nature reserve.

All you have to do is pick a theme for your trip!