Enjoy the Ocean

Welcome to South Atlantic region of Landes, the ideal location for enjoying all the ocean has to offer. Head for Capbreton for a change of scene and set out for unknown climes, see the coast from the open sea this time and marvel at the stretches of fine sandy beach. 

Whether you are travelling as a family, among friends or as a couple, the most important thing is to savour every moment, every new sensation and every new pleasure as soon as you have decided to set sail ! 

Photo de David Duchon

As soon as you set foot on the pontoon, your heart will start to race. The slight sway of the gangway sets the tone and acts as a subtle transition to this new adventure. OK, so maybe facing the unknown like this makes you hold onto the handle of your picnic basket filled with local delicacies a little more tightly, as if the basket could help you keep your balance.


You have to admit nonetheless that sunsets are a lot more beautiful when observed from the deck of a boat and with a drink in your hand. 

After meeting and exchanging a few pleasantries with the captain of the vessel, you will quickly realise that you are in safe hands. The skipper of this magnificent white sailboat, whose tan is deeper than ours, will give you a few precious words of advice to make sure you stay safe and can relax and enjoy yourselves. 

Then we’re off – weigh anchor !
Now you can truly say that the daily grind is a world away, there’s no such thing as work, stress is a big joke and your worries…what worries? The excitement will reach its peak when you leave the port, following the line of the Pier and seeing its imposing struts for the first time, and you may feel a touch of pride as you glide smoothly past the onlookers.


Next stop : the open sea !
The ocean is now your own giant swimming pool.
Once you have been dazzled by the immensity of it all, enchanted by the reflection of the setting sun’s rays on the surface of the water and refreshed by the gentle September breeze, the hardest part is yet to come: returning to port and trying to sum up this maelstrom of emotions, with only one thing on your mind : doing it again !