Because you can have a good time even when the skies are cloudy...

The weather report said rain… 

Sometimes they’re wrong, but not today : it’s pouring down. Your children are running around like headless chickens, but it’ll take more than a few drops of rain to stop you in your tracks! It’s the perfect weather for discovering a whole range of fascinating things and having fun in places you might never have discovered without the participation of Aeolus and Zeus. Just break out the waterproofs and the rubber boots, and you’re good to go.

Splish, splash !

Your first port of call is the Tourist Office for information on the places to visit.

A quick glance at the “Smiling in the rain” page and it will all become clear. Your eyes will widen with curiosity at the whole range of activities for when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

One small problem: there is almost too much choice…

The children, who love the water, unanimously opt for the water park, whereas the parents would be up for a visit to the aquarium…Negotiations are fierce and you almost get to the point of hoping for a second day of gloomy weather to make everyone happy…(When it’s time to choose, we recommend that parents consult this page out of the sight of their little angels). 
A few exchanged glances later and the unanimous decision is to visit the prehistoric site of Brassempouy. Your children might have learned about the Venus of Brassempouy at school and they will be seriously keen to discover this world-famous site. 

Time to leave the coast and head for Chalosse

Take the opportunity to admire the richness of the countryside and appreciate the beautiful little villages and natural sites. On your way, you are liable to change your mind in favour of several alternative destinations: the Sorde monastery and Arthous Abbey really are majestic locations.

When you arrive in Brassempouy 

The activities available at the Archéoparc will fascinate children: lighting a fire, knapping flints, atlatl hunting…they’re going to love this glimpse of Prehistory. Children can brave the rain and approach the life-sized recreation of prehistoric animals and take shelter under the mammoths! You won’t notice the time go by and it’ll soon be time to hit the road and head back. 

This day trip, at 1 hour from the beach, will be a little moment of culture and entertainment that the whole family will love and that will turn a rainy day into some genuine holiday memories.