Discovering or rediscovering Capbreton is above all about exploring the port, the only one in Landes.


Discovering or rediscovering Capbreton is above all about going past all these boats, small or gigantic, with sails or with a motor. Who has not sought out the biggest boat and imagined they were on board, making their childhood dreams come true? It is about listening to the rattle of the ropes that dance in the wind against the sails standing proud in the only port in Landes.



Looking out in front of you, open your eyes wide and then close them again to imagine a vast canyon under the water, comparable in size to the Grand Canyon in Colorado ; you are now imagining the Gulf of Capbreton !


It is also about jostling for a place at the fishermen’s stalls. The sight of so many fish fresh out of the nets will make your mouth water. Admire the know-how of the sellers, who are always eager to share their valuable advice and secret recipes with you.


Take a tour via the Pier, the emblem of this coastal town, from where you can see everything that makes up Capbreton : the colourful hulls of the fishing boats, children calling out to anyone who comes aboard, the fishing lines that rise to meet visitors as they pass, and every day a different seascape of waves.


It is about strolling along the seafront, treading where untold thousands have trod before you, and enjoying a change of scene as you follow the path towards the dune. Capbreton is imbued with modernity, art and history but above all it is a natural location that is committed to preserving the environment.


Then, with your back to the ocean, head for the narrow streets that wind their way towards the heart of the town. The town’s architectural heritage spans and combines the styles of several centuries and has some surprises in store. Go past a charming chapel with picturesque frescoes before you head down the busy pedestrian street, studded with a motley range of little shops.

This lively street features delightful half-timbered mediaeval houses. It seems like opposites attract, after all. Then, stop in front of this imposing church with its very original cylindrical tower. Inside, the church’s famous paintings depict scenes from the life of Capbreton sailors, a testament to a glorious past going back to whaling days.

Turn around and let your eyes widen at the friendly atmosphere spilling over from the prized town market, and you will realise that this is merely the first chapter in a long story that is yours to discover or rediscover.