Saubusse is a spa resort devoted to well-being and recharging your batteries. It is also a charming village on the banks of the Adour river and a pleasant spot for a stroll.


Saubusse is intimately linked with water. Its hot springs are renowned for their medicinal values. The thermal complex of Saubusse-les-Bains is the perfect location to relax and be pampered, whether for an hour or for a whole week. Treat yourself to a Landes-style massage, the speciality of the spa itself, which combines the effectiveness of a Turkish bath with a corn cob scrub.


The area is best explored on foot or by bicycle. Between discovery trails, sporting treks and cycle paths, there is a route suitable for everyone. Especially worth checking out is the Scandibérique, a cycle touring route between Norway and Spain that passes through Saubusse on its way to the Basque Country. It allows cyclists to discover this picturesque village, which is atypical of Landes.


The ochre of the proud, solid stonework, the green of luxurious nature and the blue of the ever-present water – these three colours constitute the coat of arms of the village, which can be proud of the extent to which each of these elements is respected and conserved.Saubusse- pont


Stone is the foundation of the village’s heritage, and dates from ancient times. A 13th Century church listed as a historic monument, the Saint-Jean bridge that has appeared in so many artists’ sketches, the old houses looking out over the Adour Quay, the beautiful residences and their façades looking out over the river, wash houses and fountains… which other little village can boast such a wealth of historical treasures ?


The Adour and its repeated floods have sculpted Les Barthes, a rich natural environment between water and land, where calm and quietness reign. The thousand and one wild flowers in the fields invite visitors to tarry a while and give in to total relaxation. The only sounds are the clop of a horse’s hooves, the gambolling of a deer or the music of birdsong.

So take a few moments out of your day to enjoy the peace and quiet of Saubusse.